“An electro-indie rock duo that shatters the established norms of two-piece acts.  Passionate, emotional, bombastic, introspective, slightly dark, always real.  Grab some free tunes AND More from them for a limited time…”

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TILTING WINDMILL STUDIOS – “This is a must-listen for fans of independent music. It’s inventive, creative as hell, and rewarding to enjoy. I should note that I rarely ever give praise of this magnitude. I’m a harsh critic, and frequent readers of my website know that all too well.”

SLEEPING BAG STUDIOS “This music is nothing short of stunning.  I think I’ve found a real contender to make my top ten at the end of this year with the excellent music I’m finding on this record.”

JAMSPHERE – “I have probably listened to this EP at least 5 times in a row. There is something very ear-pleasing about it that cannot be quite attributed to anything technical or musical…I still haven’t worked out what it is…but I absolutely love it!”

JOHNNY GIBBONS – This song makes me feel like running through my neighborhood while blasting it at full volume during the early morning hours.”

BRETT STUARTGunshot feels like a track right off the cutting room floor of a New Order recording session.”

As one critic said, “This duo has an energy and pulse similar to the ambition and artistic visions of Arcade Fire.”  They push themselves in incredibly exciting and different directions, constantly challenging each other to reinvent their overall style and sound, with unrivaled imagination and emotion.

Another reviewer said, “this band is the perfect example of why “independent” rock is so much better than mainstream.  Now I rue the lost time I could have spent replaying their songs.”

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